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A ‘rebalanced’ appraisal process (Medical Appraisal 2020) started on 1st October for 12 months in recognition of the impact of the pandemic, and the evidence of outstanding learning, flexibility and professionalism shown by doctors in recent years. We are awaiting further guidance regarding appraisal as we emerge from the pandemic. In the meantime all the elements of the 2020 guidance continue as follows.

In summary:

The emphasis is on a supportive confidential conversation on your learning, health and wellbeing.

The requirements for supporting information have resumed, such that appraisees should submit written evidence with reflection, although verbal reflection at the time of appraisal is welcomed.

When your appraisal is due, guidance states that you still need to provide your appraiser with:

  • A summary of your current scope of work and recent changes
  • A review of your PDP and any progress made
  • Reflective notes on your challenges, achievements and aspirations (but it is acceptable to provide some reflections verbally at your appraisal)
  • An indication of any CPD, QIA or feedback, including compliments, you wish to focus on at the meeting
  • The inclusion of any complaints or significant events that need to be discussed at the meeting, or anything that they you specifically asked to bring to the appraisal, in the usual way
  • Ideas for their future development
  • All pre-appraisal sign-offs, including probity and health


Most appraisals continue to take place virtually, though can be in person by mutual agreement. Once again we are awaiting future guidance on this.

It is important to note that documentation is no longer acceptable on a Word template but must be via an approved template or the online MAG2020 form as below.

Here is a sample template for Medical Appraisals 2020

Further information is available here:

We will continue to update these pages as further information becomes available.
Latest update: 3rd May 2022


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