Supporting Future Educators Programme

We believe that training new GPs – and lots of them – is vital to improve the future. We have additional new GP trainees beginning in August in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough – and we are building our training practices and trainers now in preparation.

The path to becoming a trainer can all be done from home online and is outlined here:

Please note your first application for Tier 3 can only be made two years after your CCT

You can do all of this around the day job – but like all things, we think it’s more fun with friends!

We are therefore offering a series of facilitated sessions to help you plan and book study leave to get this learning done, and have a chance to chat and reflect with other soon-to-be trainers completing their journey to being tier 3 educators in C&P by August 2022.

If you are starting from the beginning we think you could complete the modules you need to become a trainer by July with the following:

e-LFH modules

We recommend you book ½ day study leave per month in Jan, Feb, March to do these, supported by optional monthly evening meeting to chat over issues/topics arising with peers and our local TPDs which will take place on:

  • Tuesday  25/1/2022 19.30 -20.30
  • Tuesday  22/2/2022 19.30-20.30
  • Tuesday 22/03/22 19.30- 20.30

HEI Modules

New HEI dates for Tier 3 Trainers can be found on HEE’s website here.

HEE video packs

2 days study leave 28th-29th April to cover the video pack topics and your HEE virtual assessment with other C&P tier 3 educators. Further detail on the sessions is below:


Please be aware while we are intending for the sessions to be face to face, this may be subject to change in line with COVID. We are asking all attendees to take a lateral flow test before joining us.


Venue: Huntingdon Marriott Hotel, Kingfisher Way, Hinchingbrooke Business Park, Huntingdon PE29 6FL

Arrival time: 9am, for a 9:30am start

Lunch provided: on both 28th and 29th

Wifi will be available, so please bring any equipment you need to note take/fill in your application forms.


Prior to the 2 days in April we would recommend you have watched the following videos from stage 5 (roughly 2h total):

Intermediate video 4 – wider workforce (16mins).

Intermediate video 5 – Applied knowledge test (59mins)

Intermediate video 3 – Reasons to become a training practice (3 mins)

Advanced video 6 – The RCA and supporting your trainee (45mins)

Advanced video 1 – moving from clinical to educational supervision (3 mins)

With this structured approach we plan to pick up queries as you go, help you collect the information you need to complete the application form and help you stay on track to finish in time to get your trainee in August. There is funding available to subsidise your time, or go towards backfill to cover your study leave, as long as you complete the process by this summer.

To join the group, get more information and sign up for the support sessions, click the box to complete the sign up form: