Intensive Training Packages Available for Group Consultations

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Training Hub is scoping a potential intensive support programme for interested PCNs to fully fund practice development support and training to introduce video group clinics (VGCs). There is a strong rationale for a group clinic approach to managing chronic disease in primary care.

Group clinics will:

  • Help deliver PCN targets for digital consultations: in a VGC you see up to 8 people in 60-90 minutes, with the clinician only present half the time. When you get VGCs up and running, you will quickly increase the number of g=digital consultations you are offering
  • Maximise sustainability and financial benefits VGCs are proven to be more efficient than one to one care, and having the option of this remote model makes services more sustainable in the face of winter pressures and potential future Lockdowns
  • Address waiting lists support: demand for primary care is rising exponentially; waiting lists to access services are growing. VGCs help pre-empt waiting lists, reduce backlogs and increase clinic capacity and reach
  • Give patients more clinic time and validate their experience: people with chronic conditions and those living with Long COVID have had a tough time over the last year, and are seeking validation of their experience. VGCs provide a more personalised model of care that validates patients’ stories
  • Help people fully describe and make sense of symptoms:people gain deeper insight and understanding of the complexity of their symptoms and how to manage their condition by discussing them in a group setting
  • Help clinicians to learn and develop: clinicians report that their understanding expands when they work in VGCs; group clinics educate clinicians as much as they educate patients!
  • Support self-management: there is a need for a holistic approach to supporting people with long-term conditions, grounded in a strong emphasis on self-management. Group clinics deliver this very effectively and support self management
  • Support additional roles (ARRS) integration:There is recognised need to integrate ARRS within PCNs. Group clinics provide an opportunity to make the most of and involve social prescribers, health and wellbeing coaches, care co-ordinators, clinical pharmacists, forst contact physiotherapists and physicians’ associates to manage primary care workload, and dupport patients to live well with long-term conditions

Find out more about video group clinics and read case studies here:

Support your team will get

Practice based intensive support for one pioneer practice

This intensive support programme will make it really easy for your pioneer practice to get going with VGCs. The package will be flexible and respond to your team’s need and includes:

·       A practice level planning and co-design workshop (1 hour virtual session)

·       Facilitation of 3 VGCs (3 x 2.5 hours of support on three separate days)

·       Handover and celebration session (1 hour virtual session)

·       Co-creating a case study that summarises your VGC work so you can easily share it with your peers

As soon as you register, we will connect you with your VGC coach who will deliver this package

VGC learning sessions for six people

A highly interactive 2.5 hour action learning session for those who will be delivering VGCs (clinicians, facilitators and clinic co-ordinators)

  • Delivered as an interactive webinar, every PCN has a maximum of 10 training places
  • There is a national schedule, with training sessions at twice a month.
  • Your team will be able to access training over at least 12 months through a voucher system. In this way, train up your VGC team over several weeks, which will make it easier to release staff
  • At least 4 people in the pioneer practice need to be trained prior to your first VGC being scheduled to assure success.
  • The remaining places can be used within this practice or to support PCN workforce development e.g. PCN clinical pharmacist, social prescribers, care co-ordinators, health and wellbeing coaches, physicians’ associate, first contact physiotherapists. New to practice GP fellows can also be trained via this quota.

Details of how to access vouchers are provided in the attached registration form

Register Interest

There are limited places on this programme and they will be awarded on a first come, first served basis. To register your interest, please contact