Greater Peterborough Network – Neighbourhood Community Referrals

Top Tips

Instead of having to search for the Neighbourhood Community Referrals template you can add the ‘Pink Spot’ to your toolbar. To do so simply right click on the toolbar and select configure toolbar. Then select the area where you would like to add the ‘Pink Spot’ and double click. Next search for Neighbourhood Community Referrals and double click the template. Press ‘OK’.


This can also be configured for all staff at a particular practice through the Organisation Preferences > Toolbars following the same instructions.

To make it easier to send the referrals we recommend that once the setup is completed at each practice, clinicians open the Address Book select the entry called Neighbourhood Community Referrals, right click it and select Add to Favourites. This will make it much easier to find the email to send the word letter style referrals by email once completed.


Practices within the Greater Peterborough Network area now have access to the Neighbourhood Community Referrals Dashboard. To setup this dashboard on your Practice’s SystmOne Unit you must ensure that you follow these steps.

Address Book

An address book entry needs to be made for each of the word letter referrals on the dashboard to allow them to be sent via secure NHS mail through SystmOne. To do this open a test patient on SystmOne. This can be done from any screen on SystmOne by selecting the search features bar (Pictured Below) in the bottom LHS of your screen and typing Test Patients.


Once you have retrieved a test patient use the search features bar again to open the Setup – Neighbourhood Community Referrals template, selecting the option with the Pink Triangle.

By clicking and dragging, highlight the line Neighbourhood Community Referrals then using your keyboard press the keys ‘Ctrl‘ + ‘C’ simultaneously to copy. Next open the Address Book using the button below and right click on the line that reads ‘Organisation Contacts‘ selecting ‘New Place‘. In the name field press the keys ‘Ctrl‘ + ‘V‘ simultaneously to paste the copied text and for contact type select ‘Organisation‘ from the drop down.

On the next screen leave the rest of the information blank and select OK as this will be the main folder for all of these referral contacts.

Now return to the Setup tab on the Neighbourhood Community Referrals template and select the first Organisation Name i.e. Carers Trust – Family Carers Prescription and press ‘Ctrl‘ + ‘C’.

Open the Address Book again and right click on the new Neighbourhood Community Referrals then select new place.

Paste in the Organisation Name as before using ‘Ctrl‘ + ‘V‘ and select Organisation from the drop down.

We now need to add an email address so that referrals for this organisation can be sent to them. To do this on the next screen switch between the Setup tab and the Address Book by minimising the windows, select the email for each organisation press ‘Ctrl‘ + ‘C‘.

Switch back to the Address Book and ‘Ctrl‘ + ‘V‘ again

Follow this process for each of the contacts in turn. Once complete your screen should look similar to this