Today, we’re celebrating the vital contribution nursing support workers make in caring for the health of our nation on our first Nursing Support Workers’ Day.

Nursing support workers are the bedrock of our wards, clinics and community teams working with everyone from children to adults in all aspects of physical and mental health.

The term ’nursing support worker’ encompasses hundreds of different job titles and roles, including health care support workers, assistant practitioners, nursing associates and health care assistants.

Nurses are often the greatest advocates of our nursing support workforce, recognising the vital, skilled and compassionate work they undertake.

Nursing support workers can work independently, alongside nurses and as part of wider multidisciplinary teams in all health and social care settings. They have a critical role to play in delivering high quality care and excellent outcomes for patients.

Take part

Join us to celebrate the contribution of nursing support workers and say thank you to the 1.3 million nursing support workers in the UK, as we stand together during COVID-19.

We’re asking the public and patients to say thank you to nursing support workers everywhere to show our members and their colleagues how their professionalism is truly appreciated.