Repeat Dispensing

NHS England advice is to use Repeat Dispensing functionality wherever possible to minimise demand on supply .

  • If patients are requesting issues for larger quantities e.g. for 56- or 84-days rather 28 days, please consider issuing 2 or 3 issues under repeat dispensing rather than putting additional quantities on one script. This is to protect the medication supply chain.

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

  • Ensure EPS is used wherever possible, to reduce footfall into your practic
  • Encourage patients to set a nomination if they have not already done so

SystmOne Practices – EPS Phase 4 Enablement

The acceleration of EPS Phase 4 enablement has been agreed by NHS Digital. This will benefit your practice and patients in a number of ways:

  • assist you in reducing the footfall to your practice
  • facilitate the supply of medication, particularly to vulnerable groups of patients
  • make prescriptions available through the spine to alternative pharmacies in the event of pharmacy closures

If you have not done so already, we would encourage you to switch on EPS Phase 4 as soon as possible.

We can assist you with the switch on if you need someone to do this with you in your S1 unit.

Printing of EPS Phase 4 Tokens

Normally for patients who have not nominated a pharmacy you are required to print an EPS Phase 4 token which the patient takes to their pharmacy. (Where patients already have an EPS nomination in place there is no requirement to print.)

  • In order to eliminate the need for the patient to come to the practice to collect their token, NHS Digital and the LPC have agreed that these patients can be provided with their NHS No by SMS, telephone or through a patient access app (e.g. SystmOnline/Patient Access/NHS App).
  • Patients can then present their NHS number at the pharmacy of their choice. The pharmacist will be able to download the script or locate it via the EPS Tracker.

In the Event of Pharmacy Closure

Should a pharmacy close, where patients have nominated that pharmacy, downloaded prescriptions can be returned to the Spine.

If there is no one in the pharmacy that can return them to the Spine, the practice can initiate a cancellation from their end. This may appear to be rejected by the Spine initially – do not worry. Issue another script, but ensure that it is done as a Phase 4 script. The patient can then go to another pharmacy with their NHS number so that the other pharmacy can then download the script from the Spine.

Any queries about EPS, or Phase 4 (enablement or support) should be sent to or