The Sector Skills Council for Health have continued to follow the science and have just completed a recent and thorough update to the course ensuring the training contains only the most up to date, reliable content to support the critical learning required as we face the winter challenges ahead. The content changes for care home and residential care workers is especially relevant with rapidly changing UK government guidance in progress for some time.

The free e-learning course now covers an even broader range of topics including:

  • Respiratory and hand hygiene
  • Case definitions and care pathways
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Standard Infection Control Precautions and Transmission-based Precautions
  • Patient placement and assessment for infection risk (Screening/triaging)
  • Cleaning and decontamination
  • Stepdown of Infection Control Precautions and discharging COVID-19 patients
  • Continuing to deliver care services

Discover this fully interactive, mobile-first learning today, on our secure cloud-based platform, accessible anytime and on any device. The free course is not certificated, however a certificated version is available on the Skills Platform, to evidence this critical training.

Access the course here today