Are you an aspiring black, Asian and minority ethnic (BAME) leader?

Stepping Up is a leadership development programme for BAME colleagues in bands 5 to 7 (or equivalent) roles who work within healthcare (the NHS or an organisation providing NHS care). The programme is designed to bridge the gap between where applicants are and where they need to be, to progress into more senior roles.

Programme overview and content

The programme is between two to three months long and runs across four or five residential dates depending on the banding (or cohort).

The Stepping Up programme aims to create greater levels of sustainable inclusion within the NHS by addressing the social, organisational and psychological barriers restricting BAME colleagues from progressing within the NHS by:

  • Emphasising the importance of a diverse workforce and create leaders who can educate the health and care system about the effect this is having on frontline patient care
  • Recognising the potential of BAME leaders demonstrating the range and benefits of diverse talent
  • Highlighting the importance of having BAME leaders as role models to help inspire others to progress into more senior roles
  • Raising awareness and understanding of inclusion by bringing it to the forefront of all NHS Leadership Academy communications to ensure a positive impact on the health and care system
  • Developing senior leaders in the NHS who will lead effectively, creating and embedding organisational inclusive cultures
  • Working on changing the racial dynamics of an organisation to create a deeper level of understanding to help change take place

It provides a combination of face to face, self-directed and workplace based learning.  This includes two residential visits with a three day and two-day face to face workshop for those at band 7, and two residential visits of two days each for those at bands 5 and 6.


How much does it cost to take part in the programme?

The Stepping Up programme is fully funded by the NHS Leadership Academy. However, this does not mean it is free. As a participant, you must commit to the full journey of the programme and will sign a document expressing your intention to do so, prior to taking your place. If you withdraw from the programme before fully completing it, and without extenuating circumstances agreed with the NHS Leadership Academy, your organisation will be liable to bear the full cost of the programme. The cost for band 5 and 6 is £970 and the cost for band 7 is £1,310.

Programme benefits

As a participant, the programme will help you:

  • Prepare and develop for more senior leadership roles within the NHS
  • Challenge the diverse environment you work in to make transformational change
  • Develop the knowledge, experience and skills to help your organisation create an inclusive culture; and to also help you influence change across wider healthcare
  • Empower you to become a role model to help inspire the development and progression of others

How to apply

Applications for the Stepping Up programme will be open from Tuesday 9 July until Wednesday 12 February 2020 via

If your application is successful, you will then be shortlisted for a place.  Due to the high level of interest for the Stepping Up programme, applications will be assessed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Cohorts will close once fully subscribed.

Please refer to the application guide for more information on this process.

To find out more please view the resources below or email or call 0113 322 5699