The First 5 GP Lead will act as a named point of contact for advice and support for GPs in their first five years of career across Peterborough. The aim of the role is to attract newly qualified GPs to work in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough and retain those currently working in the area.

The role will liaise with the local VTS scheme and develop peer support networks that enable First 5 GPs to connect and support one another.

The First 5 GP Lead will work closely with the Training Hub team to develop a strategy of learning, development and support that is recognised and valued by GPs in their first five years of career.

Length of Assignment and Payment

This role is estimated to take 2 sessions . The initial assignment is for 6 months.

Payment is at £285 per session. There is some flexibility in when the sessions are delivered due to the nature of being a named contact. However, the Training Hub does request a timesheet of activities is submitted with invoice along with a brief highlight report providing some narrative on progress.

To book an informal chat about the role or to express an interest please email by Friday 14 August 2020.