New Training Hub Student Placement Facilitator

We are delighted to welcome Janet Marsden to the team.  She will be working 2 days a week to help support Practices to provide student nurse placements.  Janet is a Registered Nurse who has worked in Primary Care since 1994!  She understands all aspects of nursing in General Practice having worked in almost every area over her long career.  She is a strong advocate for students and, with her on board, we will be well placed to support all Practices to give student nurses an insight into what a fantastic career option Primary Care is and ensure they develop into well-rounded nurses.

If you are interested in supporting student nurses for 1 day, a couple of weeks or a full placement (8 – 10 weeks), please get in touch to find out more!

Janet Marsden  Working Days:  Thursday & Friday   Email:   Tel:  07904 365617

Kathryn Caley    Working Days:  Monday to Thursday  Email:   Tel:  07398 638666

New Training Hub Ambassadors

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Training Hub have recruited 2 new ambassadors to join our team and support the development and training offer for Clinical Pharmacists and Paramedics.

  • Clinical Pharmacist Ambassador -Katie Newton: Katie will be joining the team one day per week (Wednesday)
  • Paramedic Ambassador – Sarah Jane Turner: Sarah Jane will be joining the team one day per week (Thursday)

Our Ambassadors will

  • Assist with the understanding of new roles, governance and development needs
  • Support development of recruitment, retention and training opportunities
  • Represent the interests of general practice at meetings, events, conferences and through ongoing multimedia promotion
  • Identify training needs and advising on delivery content
  • Develop relevant communication including updates, advice and document review
  • Lead the development of Peer Support Groups
  • Engage PCNs to support the implementation of new roles

If you would like to contact your ambassador then please email:

Katie Newton

Sarah Jane Turner

New Training Hub First 5 Leads

We’re delighted to welcome the following new First 5 leads to the Training Hub:

  • First 5 Lead for Huntingdon  – Dr Will Bostock
  • First 5 Lead for Peterborough – Dr Cynthia Dzingina

The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Training Hub has three GP First5 Leads covering the area. These GPs are working to build peer support networks for First5 GPs working in and around the three localities.

If you would like to contact your First 5 Lead then please email:

Dr Will Bostock

Dr Cynthia Dzingina