Placements in Primary Care

General Practice is particularly suited to supporting the development of healthcare students due to the wide range of learning opportunities and types of patient contact that take place in this clinical setting. It is also a great setting to support the development of staff and provide opportunities to upskill through many programmes.

What are the benefits to having a student in placement?

There are many varied benefits to having a student within your practice or PCN including:

  • Promoting primary care as the career of choice
  • Help to improve retention of existing staff
  • Hosting students impacts positively on the whole team with an increase in critical thinking for all staff
  • Addition of learners to the practice team brings in diversity and differing skills sets
  • Enables smaller practices to have a role in workforce development and education
  • Opportunity to share students with neighbouring practices to support placement capacity and mentor/supervision requirements
  • Gives other roles the opportunity to be part of the teaching, raising their profile as educators
  • Provide additional resource
  • Income from the placement tariff or additional funding payable to the practice

What are the benefits to supervisors/mentors?

There are also many benefits to the wider team to support students in placements by:

  • The chance to share best practice, knowledge and skill sets
  • Upskilling to support their professional development
  • Development of management and leadership skills
  • Empowering and personally developing the wider team as teaching and mentoring is a valuable experience

Coaching and mentoring is a key professional development tool used in leadership development, and to support the primary care workforce to grow and develop. If you are interested in becoming a coach or mentor, read more about the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Coaching & Mentoring Training Programme here.

Find Supervision training from E-learning for Health

Read more about Student Supervision


The Training Hub supports students and HEIs within the region to allocate placements and also arranges shadowing opportunities in Primary Care.

An overview of placement opportunities

There are many opportunities to take placements in your practice or PCN, please click the documents below to find out more information about which role placements you can support from Undergraduates to Postgraduates. (*please note these documents will be regularly updated with new information.)

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Undergraduate Placements Document

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Postgraduate Placements Document

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