Responding to the changing landscape of General Practice, we are offering up to 21 grants to support PCNs in developing clinical leadership and skills to support working across networked sites.

The offer

Up to £2,000 per clinician to undertake a training course or period of study which will facilitate the development of a new skill that will be of benefit to patients and the group of GP practices. There is a maximum of 21 grants available.
Applications will prioritised based on scale and impact on population health.

Process for application

Please complete a short application form below.

Application Form

The application will be assessed by the Training Hub and the decision will be communicated to the applicant within 2 working weeks.

Invoicing and information required

Once your application has been approved,  the Training Hub will require confirmation that the course has taken place and also how the group of practices have agreed to utlise this new skill, then payment will be made to the GP or Practice.

Payment of invoices will be managed by the CPTH Project Manager.

Governance arrangements

Expenditure will be reported to NHSE/I East, the STP Finance Team, Primary Care Workforce and Training Hub Steering and governance group.

A record of decisions, invoices and payments will be kept for the appropriate period.


If you have any queries about the Portfolio Career Grant, please contact:

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Training Hub

Office Telephone: 01733 666670