Professional Nurse Advocate (PNA) Training Programme

Next cohort starts February 2022
Deadline for applications is Monday 20th December


The Professional Nurse Advocate (PNA) Training Programme is a virtual accredited Level 7 master’s clinical professional development training programme that will run for 10 days but can vary over weeks or months.

The criterion for the PNA training programme requires that you:

  • are a registered nurse
  • are in a patient facing role
  • are Band 5 or above
  • already hold an accredited Level 6 qualification (degree or degree equivalent/ top-up accredited Level 6 CPD course)
  • have practice manager/ lead nurse approval to be released

The training programme will equip registered nurses with the skills and knowledge to support the mental health and wellbeing of fellow colleagues and improvement of patient care.

The training will focus on the four functions of the Advocating for Education and Quality and Improvement (A-Equip) Model. The four functions of the A-Equip Model are as follows:

  • Clinical Supervision (Restorative)
  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Quality Control (Normative)
  • Personal Action for Quality Improvement
  • Education and Development (Formative)

The delivery and mode of academic assessment will vary dependent on the Higher Education Institute (HEI), and this cannot be personally selected. Some academic assessments may include short essays, poster presentations and competency portfolios.

It is expected that as soon as you start the PNA Training Programme, you will start to; support your fellow colleagues, facilitate restorative clinical supervision in practise, and lead and deliver quality improvement initiatives in response to the service demands and the ongoing changing patient requirements.

More information is available on the NHS website and in the FAQs word document below.

How to apply

Deadline for applications for February Cohort is Monday 20th December.

Please complete and email an expression of interest form and ethnicity form to the PNA Regional Lead: Karen Cameron

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PNA Expression of Interest Form

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PNA Ethnicity Form

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For enquiries please contact Karen Cameron via email: