Best Practice in Remote Respiratory Consultations

Last updated Tuesday 14th September 2021

Senior Pharmacists, Daniel and Scott from Interface Clinical Services, share their learning points from the delivery of hundreds of hours of remote respiratory consultations.

  • See best practice and considerations for delivery of remote respiratory consultations
  • Explore a real-life scenario remote COPD consultation case study
  • Look at tools and technology to use when delivering a remote respiratory consultation
  • Daniel and Scott answer live questions submitted by the audience

Interface Clinical Services

Interface Clinical Services are an independent provider, working to deliver improved patient outcomes through an experienced team of clinical pharmacists.

Pharmacists from Interface have performed over 17,500 respiratory reviews for COPD patients, as part of a patient review service, developed by GSK and Interface Clinical Services and funded by GSK.


Daniel Hughes – Head of Clinical Services, Interface Clinical Services

  • Qualified as pharmacist 2003. Worked at Interface since 2009 as a pharmacist working in primary care and as the national training lead.
  • He has delivered patient facing clinics across a range of long term conditions (LTCs) and has led on the design of a variety of patient support programmes which have gained national recognition as quality improvement initiatives.
  • Overseen the development of a number of digital solutions across key LTCs that provide clinicians with a guideline-based view of condition management, allowing prioritisation of groups of patients for proactive review according to clinical need.

“I am passionate about improving health through innovation and I believe that by harnessing our primary care data we can support the delivery of best care to patients living with long term conditions such as COPD, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.”

Scott Sutton – National Lead Pharmacist, Interface Clinical Services

  • Worked at Interface since 2013 supporting the delivery of patient facing clinics across a range of long term conditions.
  • Involved in service design and development and is the national trainer.

“I have a keen interest in respiratory health and am a member of the Primary Care Respiratory Society.”