Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Staff Support Hub

Last updated Thursday 12th May 2022

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Staff Support Hub offers free, confidential wellbeing support for all health and care staff working in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough in any role, in any organisation.

  • Free of charge, completely confidential health and wellbeing support that you can access yourself
  • If you are feeling distressed or are supporting someone in distress you can freephone for on-the-day listening support and information with a trained individual
  • If you feel you need support but are not sure what you need, you can self-refer for a one-to-one conversation with a trained health professional
  • The Hub is closely linked with local wellbeing and mental health services, to make sure you can get the right help for you, quickly, if you need it


Phone: 0808 8010377


A brand new Staff Support Hub Counselling Service has been launched for all health and social care staff working in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough, this includes members of the third sector who work in Health and Social Care.

As Health and Social care staff, over the last two years you have been looking after everyone else it is now time to look after you.

We appreciate that some employers already offer similar provision but others don’t. This offer is not in competition with your employers offer if they have one, it is complementary.

We appreciate that some staff are reluctant to use the counselling provision provided by their employer; you now have a different offer available. We know that the offers provided by your employers are confidential and your employers are not informed of what goes on in Counselling, but some people tell us that they worry about this. Our new service is even at arm’s length from the Staff Support Hub and your employer.

What does this New Counselling Services offer?

An initial assessment by a qualified counsellor and up to 6 free Counselling sessions.

Use this link to THE SELF REFERRAL FORM. You will be contacted by the service provider within 5 working days to arrange your assessment.

This individual service is operated for the Staff Support Hub by Relate Cambridge.

View this video message from the Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Staff Support Hub. It’s a short video (2 mins) and we are hoping that all 50,000 Social Care and Health staff will see this message, so please feel free to share it as widely as possible.

You’ve looked after everyone else – now it’s time for you

You can find Staff Support Hub events in our events calendar here