Coronavirus (COVID-19) webinars

Last updated Thursday 10th June 2021

National Mental Capacity Forum are running a series of rapid response webinars. These are hosted by theĀ Essex Autonomy Project.

The information provided in these slides and in the webinar recordings was correct as of the time of the webinar. Updated information on this fast-moving area of law and public policy will be provided at the next NMCF forum webinar/event.


MCA and COVID vaccinations in care homes (18 December 2020)
MCA and the messy reality of COVID (11 November 2020)
Taking stock and looking forward (9 September 2020)
Testing, capacity and COVID-19 (7 July 2020)
Public health and human rights in the COVID-19 pandemic (3 June 2020)
Remote assessments during the COVID-19 crisis (28 April 2020)
COVID-19, DoLS, and Best Interests (28 April 2020)
Sharing voices in response to COVID-19 (1 April 2020)