Diabetes LES Meetings 2023

Last updated Thursday 12th October 2023


Meeting 1 – Recorded on 29th June 2023

Topics include:

  • Medicine Team update – Diabetes Technology, GLP-1 and Obesity, Medication shortages, Blood glucose strips
  • Diabetes LES Summary & Implications for Practices – Weight Management, Dietary Sheets, Very Low Calorie Diet, Eclipse, Metformin & B12, Virtual Clinic Reviews (VCRs)
  • T2DR (formally LCD) Programme – OVIVA
  • National Diabetes Prevention Programme (NDPP)

Meeting 2 – Recorded on 13th September 2023

Topics include:

  • Performance Update
  • QOF Requirements
  • The Importance of B12: To Test or Not to Test
  • Vascular Disease in the Patients with Diabetes