Do you Struggle to Stay Active at Work?

Last updated Friday 10th March 2023

Introducing our New Webpage with Follow-Along Exercises

Being active is a really powerful way to enhance your physical and mental health.  

With the pressures of work and life, being active can sometimes seems unattainable. We want to make it more normalised to prioritise your physical health in the workplace which is why we have rolled-out a series of follow-along routines of varying lengths to fit into your working day.

Our new workout webpage includes:

  • Stretching exercise that can be carried out at your desk,
  • Strengthening exercises and
  • Full-body workouts.


These follow-along workout routines are guided by our physiotherapist. Check out our new webpage here for follow-along Stretching, Strengthening and Energising workouts.


Choose what works for you, and remember that when it comes to being active every minute counts!