Gout: How Can We Do Better?

Last updated Wednesday 9th June 2021

Gout is the most common chronic inflammatory arthritis and data shows it is undertreated in primary care. It holds an odd status as a condition that many patients feel ‘embarrassed’ to have and that many of us smile as we discuss!

This webinar covers:

  • Diagnosis of gout.
  • How we should talk about it and how Versus Arthritis can support our patients.
  • How and when to start disease modifying treatments.
  • Gout as a marker for metabolic syndrome and cardiovascular risk.
  • The impact of lifestyle interventions.
  • How we could adopt a different model of care making use of some of our ever growing multi-disciplinary team.

Please note the webinar was first broadcast on 25th February 2020, to access please click the link below and select the ‘Versus Arthritis webinars’ tab.

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