Macmillan Cancer Support – Primary and Community Care

Last updated Wednesday 17th May 2023

Community Pharmacy


This will build the confidence and knowledge of Community Pharmacists in recognising the signs and symptoms of cancer as well as being able to provide effective support to People Living with Cancer.
It is aimed at all Community Pharmacists including those employed directly by Primary Care who provide structured medication reviews, manage long term conditions, management of medicines on transfer of care while addressing both the public health and social care needs of patients in the community and GP practices.

By the end, participants should be able to:

  1. Understand the importance of Early Diagnosis and recognise serious signs and symptoms that may be identified during a consultation relating to other conditions
  2. Identify ways to support customers affected by cancer taking into account their individual needs and circumstances
  3. Demonstrate an ability to proactively signpost customers to relevant information about cancer support


Social Prescribing

These two modules introduce how Social Prescribing can play a huge role in improving the experiences
of people living with cancer, highlighting that many of the issues they face are similar to other long term

Module 1 – understanding the needs of people living with cancer

Module 2 – practical steps you can take in providing support to people living with cancer


Cancer care reviews

Provides professionals with the knowledge to support them to complete a cancer care review which reflects
what matters most to individuals affected by cancer.

ExPLORE for primary care

Macmillan ExPLORE is a programme for professionals who wish to develop their career in cancer and enhance their professional skills and confidence when working with people living with cancer.

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