Mary Seacole Local – Cambridge & Peterborough

Last updated Thursday 10th June 2021

The Mary Seacole programme is an innovative and inspirational leadership development programme from the NHS Leadership Academy. This programme is for first-time leaders in health and care. It’s for you if you are in a leadership role with responsibilities for people and services, and able to relate what you learn to your workplace.

The programme provides the balance between learning the theory and putting it into practice, empowering you to turn your success into consistent team success and to champion compassionate patient care

Mary Seacole Local

The Mary Seacole Local programme gives organisations the flexibility to offer a local, high-quality, nationally recognised leadership development programme aimed at those newly in or aspiring to be in a formal first time leadership role.Our partner organisations are:  Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Clinical Commissioning Group; Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust; Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust; Cambridgeshire County Council, Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; North West Anglia NHS Foundation Trust; Peterborough City Council and Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

By working with these organisations, we will:

  • Provide a first leader programme of exceptional quality; the design and deployment of which an individual organisation would be unlikely to be able to fund alone
  • Enable organisations to deliver a programme close to the frontline, with local context in the local setting

About Programme:

Who’s the programme for?

  • Looking to move into your first leadership role
  • Newly in a ‘formal’ position of leadership with responsibilities for people and service
  • Able to relate what you learn to your workplace

For more information on the programme components and how to get involved, please click the link below.