NHS Looking After Your Team

Last updated Wednesday 9th June 2021

Coaching support for those who lead, manage or organise a team or group in primary care.

Frontline primary care colleagues have been facing unprecedented challenges through Covid-19, and in response the NHS launched the #LookingAfterYouToo coaching space and have now also added the new NHS #LookingAfterYourTeam service.

This new service will create an opportunity for individuals who lead, manage or organise teams, groups, services or networks, to access coaching about their team. Coaching support is available with a highly skilled and experienced coach and is centred around compassionate and collaborative team leadership. The aim is to encourage psychological wellbeing and resilience in teams while supporting them to continue to deliver projects, services and high-quality care to patients.

The coaching will be orientated towards proactively supporting you to work with your team to develop practical strategies, making small improvements and amplifying the voice of primary care across the system.

Who is it for? 

Staff working in the delivery of frontline primary care services who lead, manage or organises a team, group, service or network. You will be either employed by the NHS or working with an NHS funded employer delivering an NHS funded primary care contract.