Psychology-led support for teams

Last updated Monday 27th June 2022

What is it?

Trauma-informed support for those teams who experience ongoing stressors, to improve team resilience and foster a culture of psychological safety.

  1. One day team wellbeing days: bookable 45 min slots for individuals in a team over the course of one day with a group staff support meeting if required and /or mindfulness practice / relaxation exercises demonstration
  2. Reflective practice groups, monthly for 6 months, online (via TEAMS) or on site to reflect on and think about the emotional impact of the work
  3. Bespoke, themed webinars / support forums related to an aspect of work such as working with loss / managing long covid in the workplace / coping with distressing and traumatic situations in the workplace / assertiveness / burnout / moral injury
  4. Training for managers and others in the team on having quality Health and Wellbeing Conversations will be offered alongside this to ensure that these approaches can be embedded in the team

Who is it for?

Teams who need support to think through the emotional impact of their work. Examples may include but are not limited to – where teams have experienced a difficult event or series of events, where there has been a lot of change that has impacted the team

How is this accessed?

– This can be delivered in person, online or a hybrid approach
– To discuss your teams needs please contact Dr Joanna O’Sullivan, registered psychologist with the Staff Support Hub by email