ShinyMind Wellbeing & Support App

Last updated Wednesday 15th September 2021

Building wellbeing, resilience and community

Our relationship with our mind is the single most important relationship any of us will ever have. It affects every relationship and interaction we will have in our lifetime, at work and at home.

The ShinyMind app is a uniquely interactive mindset resource that improves wellbeing, resilience and teamwork. It’s proven to help reduce the stress and anxiety of everyday life leaving people feeling happier and more productive. The app:

  • Helps people think, feel and perform better
  • Helps people feel positive, engaged and connected via the ShinyMind app community
  • Helps people explore, discover and grow their self-awareness, personal resilience and actively resource their mental health through their own personal interactive space

Not just mental health, more than meditation and beyond helping you sleep – ShinyMind was created with people in some of the most stressful jobs in the NHS and is grounded in evidence, science and research, equipping people to thrive by changing the way they think.

It is designed to help people think more positively, feel more motivated and build mutual support with its positive messaging and community functions, as well as being a confidential, safe space – giving people the support they need when they want it, so they can Shine.

CPTH are offering 2,000 free licenses to the ShinyMind app for staff across C&P Primary Care (on a first come first served basis). To register please complete and submit the form below.


If you have any questions please email us at