Understanding Eating Disorders Webinar resource for dietitians, oral health teams and community pharmacy teams

Last updated Wednesday 14th December 2022

This series of training programmes was developed in response to the 2017 PHSO investigation into avoidable deaths from eating disorders as outlined in recommendations from the report titled Ignoring the Alarms: How NHS Eating Disorder Services Are Failing Patients (PHSO, 2017).

It is designed to ensure that healthcare staff are trained to understand, identify and respond appropriately when faced with a patient with a possible eating disorder.

It is the result of collaboration between eating disorder charity Beat, Health Education England and NHSE.

Dedicated to the memory of Averil Hart and everyone else who has died unnecessarily from an eating disorder, it is our hope that this will be a significant step to ensuring that avoidable deaths from eating disorders are consigned to the past.

The training programme is designed to help dietitian, oral health and community pharmacy professionals to:

Understand why you need to know about eating disorders
Identify the types of eating disorders
Recognise the signs and symptoms of possible eating disorder that you specifically need to be aware of
Understand what to consider when approaching someone if you suspect an eating disorder as a dietitian, oral health and community pharmacy professional
Recognise and understand official guidance regarding managing service transitions
Understand the next steps after a suspected eating disorder has been identified as a dietitian, oral health and community pharmacy professional
Understand what practical tips and support you can give a patient who might be experiencing an eating disorder
Understand the experiences of those with lived experience of an eating disorder