Very Brief Advice (VBA) on Smoking

Last updated Thursday 10th June 2021

The NCSCT Training and Assessment Programme includes all of the core competences (knowledge and skills) needed by stop smoking practitioners in England to help smokers to quit.

The training programme is built around evidence-based behaviour change techniques that provide an understanding of the factors involved in smoking and smoking cessation, and include practical interventions that we know will make a significant difference to the chances of your clients becoming permanent ex-smokers. The training programme has been shown to increase practitioners’ knowledge, develop their skills and lead to improved practice.

The behaviour change techniques contained within this NCSCT Very Brief Advice (VBA) on Smoking training module are:

  • Assess current and past smoking behaviour (BCT code: RI1) [ASK]
  • Provide information on consequences of smoking and smoking cessation (BCT code: BM1)
  • Provide options for later/additional support (BCT code: A5) [ACT]
  • Advise on stop smoking medications (BCT code: A1) [ACT]