GP training is a 3 year speciality training scheme after the initial 2 foundation years training undertaken by all newly qualified medical students. It is usually a combination of time working in hospital and in an accredited training practice under the supervision and support of a GP trainer.

Depending on your stage in preparing to be a GP, more information can be found through the following links:

Once you are ready to apply for GP training, the 3 year training scheme has a single application route, wherever you want to work, details of which can be found here:
HEE – Applicant Guidance – General Practice ST1

There are 3 local training schemes in Peterborough, Huntingdon and Cambridge, run by local GPs working with Health Education England.
West Cambs GPST
Cambridge GPSTR
Peterborough GPSTP

Academic GPs

There are opportunities to pursue an academic career at various stages in General Practice – Academic GPs

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If you are returning to General Practice or hoping to move to the UK from overseas, then the induction and refresher scheme is designed to provide a safe, supported and direct route for qualified GPs to join or return to NHS general practice in England.

GP Induction & Refresher

Being a GP is a job embedded in the local community, with patients, within a team of primary care and community staff. We see patients every 10 minutes with an enormous range of complaints – physical, emotional and social. We diagnose, treat and refer patients for specialist care. By listening, questioning, examining and investigating we look after individuals, families and communities from “cradle to grave”. We work with local public health teams, schools, statutory and voluntary bodies to keep patients healthy, and identify and treat disease.
GPs also often develop a specialist interest, whether running a business (being a GP partner), becoming a teacher, or developing a clinical speciality.

Dr Katie Keller

Great Shelford Medical Practice

In 14 years since qualifying as a GP I estimate I have consulted over 50,000 times. Each consultation tells a story – some simple, some immensely complex. Each interaction has import, and I believe the role of a compassionate generalist has never been more needed as patients and colleagues negotiate the knowledge and choices available to us now.
Alongside my clinical work I have completed a masters in medical education, and taught students in practice and at the university. I have become a GP trainer and work with GP’s in training to support them in developing the skills they need to get the the heart of the matter in minutes! I have worked as a GP partner in a leadership role, helping to shape the future development of services locally. Through working with my patients, I have the privilege of working in a tight knit local multi professional team, and additionally meet regularly with Consultant colleagues, Professors at the university, and local health care leaders. It is a challenging and ever changing role – great for people who love never doing the same thing twice in quite the same way!


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