Funding for Education and Training for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals


The Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Training Hub (Training Hub) are clear that investment in learning and development enables staff working in General Practice to reach their full potential and continuously improve performance.

The Training Hub is committed to ensuring all staff in General Practice have equal access to learning and development opportunities to support the requirements of Primary Care.  This includes a commitment to ensure every nurse and allied health professional (AHP) has access to the £1000 personal continuing professional development (CPD) budget (over 3 years) allocated by the chancellor in September 2019 as part of government’s pledge to secure a sustainable future for the NHS through the Long Term Plan.

This policy is in place to deliver this objective and to provide transparency regarding how funding is allocated.


The Training Hub team take responsibility for:

  • Identifying a range of learning and development programmes, in consultation with Primary Care staff, that support best practice, current national legislation and the operational requirements and strategic planning of Primary Care. This includes an annual Training Needs Analysis (TNA) survey.
  • Identifying and securing funding for learning and development programmes in Primary Care.
  • Ensuring that information on learning and development opportunities are available for all staff working in Primary Care through a range of communications e.g. Website, monthly newsletter, targeted mailshots.
  • Providing individualised advice on learning and development to support the development of professional and career development plans.
  • Monitoring the quality of learning and development programmes commissioned and acting where the standard falls below good.


Line managers take responsibility for:

  • Assessing the personal learning and development needs of individuals arising from the individual’s annual Performance Appraisal to create a personal development plan.
  • Actively participating in Training Hub consultations to ensure the Training Hub develop an accurate understanding of the learning and development programmes required.
  • Ensuring that support is given to enable the individual to meet their personal development plan.
  • Maintaining or creating a learning environment that enables staff to share and put into practice the skills and knowledge gained through training undertaken.


Individual learners take responsibility for:

  • Actively participating in the Performance Appraisal process and taking responsibility for their own development, including CPD for ongoing professional registration.
  • Engage with their line manager and the Training Hub in accessing appropriate learning and development opportunities.
  • Where a learner is supported to undertake a professional qualification, or an expensive short programme, he/she is expected to sign an undertaking (a learning contract) to complete the course of study and to remain within the employment of a Cambridgeshire or Peterborough General Practice during the course of study. Failure to meet these commitments, will result in the employee being requested to repay the financial costs of the programme.  Exceptions may be made in exceptional circumstances, e.g. ill health.


The Training Hub commissions and delivers short courses that meet the strategic and operational needs of Primary Care using a variety of funding sources including CPD and Workforce Development Funding (WDF) funding.  These courses are promoted via the Training Hub website and are available through the year on a rolling programme.  Frequency of training depends on the demand for that training.  Individual learners can book onto these courses via the website if they meet the course criteria.


The Training Hub commissions degree pathways, degree modules and apprenticeship pathways from local Universities (HEIs) that meet the strategic and operational needs of Primary Care using CPD and Learning Beyond Registration (LBR) funding allocations from Health Education England.  Individual learners need to apply directly to the HEI to secure a place on the course and apply to the Training Hub to secure funding.  See Process to Secure Funding.


The Training Hub recognises that it cannot predict all education and training requirements.  Therefore, there is funding set aside to accommodate specific needs that are not met by the directly commissioned courses described above. Individual learners need to identify the course that meets their specific need.  They need to apply directly to course provider to secure a place on the course and apply to the Training Hub to secure funding.  See Process to Secure Funding.

If individual learners (and/or their line managers) require advice on the Education and Training options that will support their professional / career development plan, the GPN Education Facilitator is able to provide this support.  To make an appointment to discuss an individualised training plan, email or telephone 01733 666670.

To be eligible to attend a funded course, programme of study or to be allocated funding, individual learners must:

  • Be employed by a Cambridgeshire or Peterborough General Practice
  • Ensure the course aligns with the needs of the Practice / Primary Care Network (PCN) and is relevant to their role
  • Have approval of their line manager to attend the education or training

The Training Hub try to fund all education and training where it is clearly relevant to the individual learners role.  Where there are more applications than funding available, there will be a process of prioritisation.  If this situation should arise, all those affected will be informed of the process of prioritisation and a plan will be made to address unmet funding requirements as part of this process.