GP Trainers & Educators

Below you will find a collection of information and resources to support GP Trainers and Educators.

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Overview and Training Requirements

Being involved in the training of GP Trainees or Foundation Doctors in GP posts can be one of the most rewarding and stimulating aspects of a GP career. If you are interested in becoming a GP Educator, please contact your local Training Programme Director and/or the Clinical Lead at your Out of Hours organisation who can help guide and support you through the process.

The Educator Training relates to 3 types of GP Educator:

Tier 2a Out of Hours Supervisors – who can provide Clinical Supervision to GP Trainees in Out of Hours Settings

Tier 2b – Associate Trainers – who can provide Clinical Supervision to GP Trainees (up to ST2) and Foundation Doctors in GP practices.

Tier 3 – GP Trainers – who can provide Clinical and Educational Supervision to all stages of GP Trainees and Foundation Doctors in GP practices.

Please follow the links above for details about the training pathways and how to apply.

Available Funding

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Training hub are delighted to offer funding to support GPs to become trainers due to the expansion to GP training. This funding is an acknowledgement and contribution to the time it will have taken to complete the training, and can be paid directly to you or your practice according to local arrangements. We are also offering funding to support practices becoming training practices.

This replaces the previous backfill funding that was provided by the Training Hub, and cannot be received in addition to this funding if already claimed.

Please note: funding is limited and will be paid on successful approval as a GP educator/Training Practice in C&P.

Funding available:

  • £1000 for becoming a tier 2b educator
  • £1000 for moving from tier 2b (associate trainer) to tier 3 educator (trainer)
  • £2000 for direct approval as a tier 3 educator
  • £2000 for becoming a training practice

The claim period runs from 1st September 2021 to 1st July 2022. To express your intention to complete within this time frame and reserve your funding contribution, please complete the short form below.

If you have any queries please email us at

Most recent update on Educator Training Delivery from Andrew Wright:

I am delighted to inform you that GP School has now converted the content of our GP School Specific Educator Training Days into ‘Video Packs’ using Panopto.

Our Associate Dean network, led by Brendon O’Leary, Associate GP Dean for Faculty Development have worked incredibly hard to create videos that will be informative and hopefully replicate the learning that delegates would have received on the days.

The best way to get up to speed on the changes is to watch a 9 Minute video with Brendon O’Leary, which explains the steps needed to become a GP Educator and the new video packs.

The GP School Specific Educator Training Days 1, 2 and 3 have been split into three video packs:

  • Fundamental Pack – for all Tiers; 2a, 2b and 3 (equivalent to morning of Day 1)
  • Intermediate Pack – for Tiers 2b and 3 only (equivalent to afternoon of Day 1)
  • Advanced Pack – for Tier 3 only (equivalent to Days 2 and 3)



Online Tutorial:

After you have completed the video packs relevant to your Tier we invite you to book in for an Online Tutorial. The online tutorial is intended to enhance the educational value of the online Panopto elements by introducing discussion about the issues relevant to each tier of learning. The length of the online tutorial will vary depending on the Tier you wish to apply for, but will be between 1 and 3.5 hours.


Other Elements of Educator Training:

The changes described above relate to GP School Specific Educator Training, there is still the requirement to complete E-learning, University (HEI) Day and HEE Hub Day.

The HEE Hub Day has now been converted to video – details here

If you still need to complete a University (HEI) Day you need to complete a short form and you will be contacted with available days. Capacity for these days has increased.

If you are still unsure on the steps you need to complete we would encourage you to go to the HEEoE web page and click on the education role that you wish to be approved for, this will provide you with a full breakdown of the steps you need to complete.



If you have any questions or queries or concerns about the process please email or for general questions


Click on the links for details of the course and the bursaries offered by HEEoE:

University of Cambridge Postgraduate Certificate in Medical Education

HEEoE Educator Bursaries – PG Certificate/PG Diploma

The next round of bursary applications will be in September for courses commencing in January/February 2022.


Training updates for current trainers

Webinars and videos from HEEoE - are now available here:


CRUK GP Trainer Hub

Supporting GPs in England delivering the RCGP curriculum for prevention, screening and early diagnosis of cancer. Cancer Research UK's 'One-stop' hub for GP trainers to use with their GP trainees and other primary care clinicians is free, quick and easy to access.


Resources for GP Educators

An excellent channel of videos for e-portfolio for GP educators from Fourteen Fish.