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General Practice Assistant (GPA)

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Training & Development Opportunities

Mentoring Opportunities for Admin & Clerical Staff

CPTH offer access to an experienced mentor for up to 3 mentoring sessions for Receptionists, Data Clerks, Administrators, Practice Managers and PCN Managers, working in C&P General Practice.

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NHS Leadership Academy Apprenticeship Pathways

A comprehensive guide from NHSLA highlighting the different apprenticeships available and planned to launch with NHS Leadership Academy programmes included with them and who to contact for further information.

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Apprenticeships enable new and existing staff to train on the job, through a work-based training programme that incorporates skills development, technical knowledge and practical experience, while getting paid. They can offer practices a cost-effective way to attract and develop a more diverse, skilled, flexible and motivated workforce.

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Edward Jenner Programme

If you want to feel more able to deal with the daily challenges of working in healthcare, better equipped to care for patients, lead services and provide leadership for those around you – supporting them to do their job better – the Edward Jenner programme is for you.

Designed with health and care staff, for everyone working in a health and care context, the programme is highly practical, patient-focused and a great way to understand the purpose, challenges and culture of the NHS.

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PMA Diploma

PMA Diplomas are a more relaxed and personal route to gaining new skills and knowledge to achieve your qualification of choice. They enable us to concentrate on providing learning and coaching that fits around you and your work. Typically, most learners will complete in six months.

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Practice Medicines Co-ordinators (PMC) e-learning course

This CPD certified practice medicines co-ordinators (PMC) e-learning course from PrescQIPP is designed for non-clinical staff in GP practices that manage the repeat prescribing process.

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Violence Prevention and Reduction (VPR) Education Pathway

The pathway takes a public health approach to understand and prevent the root causes of violence and aggression, and equips individuals to support and/or lead on the design and implementation of appropriate principles of practice in responding to incidents involving violence and aggression

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Wellbeing & Resilience Resources

Working in Primary Care can be incredibly rewarding but we all know that sometimes the fast pace, mounting workloads and other pressures can take their toll on your wellbeing. There is plenty of support and advice available and to make life easier for you, we’ve collated links to a variety of useful national and local resources on our Wellbeing page.

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