PMA Diploma Courses

Last updated Friday 28th June 2024

We believe in making self-development achievable and affordable for all. Whilst ESFA funding is an option for the apprenticeship standards, there are many cases where you are ineligible to qualify, perhaps holding prior qualifications or not being in an appropriate job role.

It may be that the apprenticeship journey is too long for you and you just want to get on with studying in your own time and to your own short timescales.

Not having to complete Maths and English or provide evidence of the weekly 20% off-the-job training or having to fulfil the many other mandatory protocols could be a much better option for you.

PMA Diplomas are a more relaxed and personal route to gaining new skills and knowledge to achieve your qualification of choice. They enable us to concentrate on providing learning and coaching that fits around you and your work. Typically, most learners will complete in six months.