Case Study: DFSRH – Brontë Theobald

Who are you?

I'm Brontë Theobald, a Practice Nurse at North Brink Practice in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire. C&P Training Hub supported me to complete my FSRH Diploma in March 2023 and Letters of competence in contraceptive implants and coils in October 2023.

What is your background?

I qualified in 2016 from the University of Lincoln in Adult Nursing. Following qualifying I worked on the gynaecology ward at Lincoln Hospital, then moved to general practice where I started my role at North Brink. Throughout my studies at university and my early career I always had an interest in sexual health, women’s health, and health inequalities.

Whilst being employed at North Brink I have had many opportunities to attend courses surrounding these areas such as cervical screening, pelvic examinations and management of bleeding disorders and menopause, however my goal was always to complete my FSRH diploma followed by my letters of competence in both contraceptive implants and coils.

Can you describe your experience?

From start to finish my experience of completing the diploma and letters of competence exceeded my expectations. From raising my interest with C&P Training Hub to the support I received from the trainers and North Brink Practice, everyone went above and beyond to ensure my learning needs were met. Mel and Kathryn were supportive, ensuring all the appropriate documentation was completed to have me enrolled, and once I was enrolled, they were only an email away if I raised any concerns.

I was lucky enough to have two trainers Dr Keith and Dr Tilbury who are both experts in this area and supported me throughout and following my training. They gave me my confidence in the subject area and without them I don’t believe I would have completed my training within the time that I did.

I truly enjoyed my time studying for the FSRH diploma, I am very grateful for the opportunities it has given me and the people I have met on the journey including my trainers and fellow FSRH diploma students. My overall advice for anyone that is interested in carrying out the FSRH diploma is to do it, as it’s a wonderful opportunity.

What did you achieve with the programme?

Completing the FSRH diploma improved my knowledge in contraception methods and how to use these methods in the management of other conditions. It also guided me on how to support women throughout the pregnancy when they attend general practice.

The course increased my confidence in discussing and treating sexually transmitted infections, including methods of prevention especially with MSM. It also gave me the confidence to pass on my knowledge with working with the Ferry Project and local schools with offering support and clinics within this area.

What’s been the best thing about your experience?

The best thing about carrying out the FSRH diploma was improving my knowledge, confidence and overall, the care I can offer my patients. However, completing this has also given me more opportunities within the women’s health field, for which I am forever grateful. On my journey I had the pleasure of meeting other clinicians who are experts in this field and want to pass on their knowledge, who I am also very grateful to.

In a nutshell, why would you recommend the DFSRH programme to others?

I would recommend the experience to other clinicians to improve their knowledge and practice, giving them the ability to offer their patients the most up to date information and care.

The opportunity to meet other clinicians and network. The quality of the trainers and the level of support they give is amazing, even following the qualification.

Furthermore, the opportunities that completing the diploma gives you in making a change and creating your voice, especially in health inequalities. It has given me the opportunity to have a voice in this subject and be the change I want to see within community care.

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