Join us as we celebrate the amazing progress and contribution of social prescribing link workers in England.

Featuring special guest James Sanderson, Director of Personalised Care at NHSE and Chief Executive Officer at the National Academy for Social Prescribing. We’ll also be joined by PCN GP Dr Alex Shaw, who came new to social prescribing at the beginning of this year and has seen first hand the real impact that link workers have had on the people in his practice and community.

We will look back at some of the major milestones and achievements in social prescribing and personalised care with a focus on the excellent work seen during the COVID-19 response. We’ll hear about the impact of social prescribing link workers and what this means for patients. We’ll also be inviting you all to post a ‘shout out’ to your social prescribing colleagues who have been going above and beyond.

The session will finish with a question – what comes next for Social Prescribing, and how can we all play a part.