This exciting masterclass that is being delivered across primary care in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

The masterclass is designed to aid practice managers who are interested in examining their teams and developing plans to enhance their resilience.

The following provides you with some information about the masterclass.

This masterclass is an interactive session that will allow leaders to examine factors that lead to resilience and how to assess their teams against these.

  • Leaders will understand the importance of resilience and how they can use strategies to build their own resilience.
  • Leaders will examine some of the current challenges and develop some positive actions to promote psychological wellbeing of the workforce and their teams.
  • Leaders will be able to evaluate their teams against a number of characteristics inherent in resilient teams.
  • Leaders will leave with a set of actions and several tools to help them build their own and team’s resilience during a significant period of change.

The programme will be facilitated through MS Teams and will be developed and delivered by Ararna Limited. The two trainers Harry Banga and Sukie Banga have over 20 years of experience of working with primary care.