This session is part of the Getting Started Series.

The ‘Getting Started’ series is designed to help you think through how you are going to approach any improvement you want to make in practice. It consists of the Project Outline, a generic overview for any potential improvement project and a series of project worksheets, which follow the outline and are designed to guide you through how your project could work in practice about specific issues. Each worksheet has been developed by GPs and practice managers from the Primary Care Improvement Faculty, focusing on topics that are relevant to day-to-day practice.

This webinar shows how a team can use the Model for Improvement to address problems with reliability by designing safer processes.

It is recommended that you familiarise yourself with the Getting Started Series: Project Outline document, which can be accessed online through Primary Care Improvement Connect, (click to access documents:

Learning outcomes

  • The place of process mapping in improving reliability
  • How we can we respond to significant events in ways that lead to lasting improvement
  • How Quality Improvement methods help to create a culture conducive to improving patient safety

This webinar is for all primary care staff in practice who are involved in management, leadership or change.

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