This forum is open to anyone working at an Advanced Practice level (or training to be) across Cambridgeshire and Peterborough. Physician’s Associates are also welcome to attend.

Members of the Training Hub will also be available to explain how the C&P Training Hub can support you with this process as well as providing you with an opportunity to build a network with your peers to share best practice.

This session will take place via Zoom. After booking, you will receive joining instructions approximately 24 hours before the event.

Meeting the Research pillar

Research is embedded within our roles and underpins our knowledge base to ensure safe and effective practice. Advanced practitioners are expected to understand the impact research has on our clinical practice and is a requirement in the Multi-professional advanced practice framework.

As Advanced Practitioners we should be able to demonstrate the skills required to interpret research and not take clinical research at face value. To demonstrate meeting the research pillar criteria, we invite you critique a piece of research (research paper attached). Alternatively you may wish to critique your own audit or service evaluation.

The forum will facilitate the sharing of ideas and critiques (it doesn’t have to be formal) which can be documented as evidence of meeting the research pillar capabilities 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4. for revalidation and your Advanced practice portfolio.

Jo Hercules (ACP & Paramedic ambassador) will also be sharing her case study Advanced reflection: navigating pathways in clinical practice.

The following links will guide you if you need a refresher on data analysis and critiquing papers.

The full in depth guide for researchers: Chapter 1: Starting a review | Cochrane Training

Approaching data analysis: How to interpret data? – Beginners Guide – Statswork

How to write a critique: critiquing-literature.pdf (

For more information contact the Advanced Practice team via

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