Event Overview

RCGP East Anglia Faculty is excited to present ‘The Coach Station: Coaching Skills for GPs’. These bitesize sessions will offer training in coaching methods which will be of immense value to our members personally and as they seek to utilise coaching in their work as GPs. The sessions are free to attend for all RCGP members.

AKESO the Cambridge based doctors coaching organisation will in the session deliver principles of how coaching conversations can be applied in our daily work as GPs. There will also be opportunities to put into practice the concepts presented leading to real skill acquisition.

The ninety-minute sessions will be holding over Zoom at lunch time from 1230 to 1400.

The format will be 1. The presentation of a core coaching skill by the AKESO coach (18 mins)

2. Coaching trios during which attendees will have the opportunity to put into practice the skills. Each person takes turns to be the coach, the coachee and the observer. (45 mins)

3. Plenary review to review the experience, discuss the learning and reflect together (25 min)

We believe that these sessions will offer the opportunity for practical learning which will be of great benefit to our members.

Please note this is a collaborative initiative between RCGP and AKESO so names and email addresses will be shared for the purpose of this event, however, no information will be stored.

If you have any questions, please contact office@akeso.org.uk.