For nurses and allied professionals working in a primary care setting who need to develop and enhance their head to toe assessment skills of a presenting child (not neonates).

The 2-day programme will cover common presentations, why children are different and the process of exclusion in making diagnosis as children often present with non-specific symptoms with both serious and non-serious illness.

Course duration

Two days


  • To discuss the format for physical examination and history taking.
  • To explain the skills needed and knowledge underpinning physical examination.
  • To demonstrate beginner level skills in the examination of 4 main systems of respiratory, cardiovascular, abdominal and neurological examination.


  • Different parameters for ages
  • Recognition of a sick child
  • Paediatric history taking
  • Introduction to paediatric physical assessment
  • Examination of the lungs
  • Cardiovascular assessment
  • Abdominal examination
  • Neurological examination
  • ENT examination & emergencies
  • Eye examination
  • Putting it altogether
  • Non-accidental injury guidelines
  • Acute pain in children

Electronic handouts will be made available for delegates to download