Session one: 12.00 – 12.30pm

Best practice: health and social care working with people experiencing homelessness (Professor Michael Preston-Shoot).

Session two: 12.30 – 1.00pm

Adopting a compassionate leadership approach to homelessness and the wider inclusion health agenda (Elaine Goodwin).


Professor Michael Preston-Shoot

Michael Preston-Shoot is Professor (Emeritus) Social Work at the University of Bedfordshire. He is currently Independent Chair of Lewisham, Greenwich and Brent Safeguarding Adults Boards. He is currently joint convenor of the national network of SAB chairs. He has authored safeguarding adult reviews, has researched reviews of self-neglect cases and has been engaged in sector-led improvement projects on adult safeguarding and homelessness, on adult safeguarding and alcohol abuse, and on making safeguarding personal for commissioners and providers of health and social care. He co-led the first national thematic analysis of safeguarding adult reviews.

Elaine Goodwin

Elaine has worked as a nurse in a wide range of safeguarding and inclusion health areas at a Leeds, regional and national level i.e. Refugee, Homeless, Gypsy Traveller, Sexual health, Mental health, Substance Misuse, Prisons and Police Custody Services. Elaine works as NHSEI National Lead Nurse for Homeless and Inclusion Health working closely with the Safeguarding Team striving to ensure that an inclusion health lense is prioritised and appropriate actions are implemented throughout the NHS.