Enabling respiratory patients to “Stay Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives”

This webinar will:

  • Share best practice and considerations for delivery of remote respiratory consultations
  • Explore a real-life scenario remote COPD consultation case study
  • Look at tools and technology to use when delivering a remote respiratory consultation
  • Enable you to have your questions answered by the experts in a live Q&A


Daniel Hughes

Head of Clinical Services
Interface Clinical Services

Qualified as pharmacist 2003. Worked at Interface since 2009 as a pharmacist working in primary care and as the national training lead.

He has delivered patient facing clinics across a range of long term conditions (LTCs) and has led on the design of a variety of patient support programmes which have gained national recognition as quality improvement initiatives.

Overseen the development of a number of digital solutions across key LTCs that provide clinicians with a guideline-based view of condition management, allowing prioritisation of groups of patients for proactive review according to clinical need.

Scott Sutton

National Lead Pharmacist
Interface Clinical Services

Worked at Interface since 2013 supporting the delivery of patient facing clinics across a range of long term conditions.

Involved in service design and development and is the national trainer.