The Blood Tests Study Day is prioritised, and FREE, for Primary Care, PCN, ICB and GP Practice Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Trainees. 

This study day will start at 13:00 with the Welcome and Introductions. The first talk of the study day will begin shortly after. Our expert speakers will be discussing the following topics:

Welcome & Introduction

  • Introduction to interpreting blood results
  • Frequently requested tests
  • Anaemias: identifying & interpreting iron/folates/b12 and when to refer, Red flags
  • Thyroid: understanding TSH, T3 & T4 and what to do. Also, to touch on parathyroid hormone
  • LFT: what do they mean, how do they impact on medicines, red flags
  • U&Es: red flags
  • FBC interpretation / red flags
  • Hba1c – also when it cannot be used
  • Correlation between the above tests and how they can be used to make clinical significance interpretation

Our study days are sponsored by the pharmaceutical industry. However, the agenda for each study day is independently managed, and developed, by our clinical management team.

With great regret we have decided to bring in a “No Show” fee of £20 from March onwards. This will only apply for new bookings.