Bridging Two Worlds explores the lived experience of people with long-term health conditions and the support structure which they create and manage – and shares stories about how that the structure has changed and been tested during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Explanations of how participants’ ethnicity had shaped their experiences ran through each of these themes in nuanced ways; there was particular reflection and concentration on the numerous challenges faced by people moving to the UK.

The research presented within this webinar has explored the many ways people felt out of control of their health in the unusual and disruptive circumstance of the pandemic – and how they then coped. From participants’ experiences, it is clear that the collective health of society has suffered and that health and social care systems face an ongoing challenge of capacity. In the face of this, turning towards solutions is even more vital. The strategies participants could rely on included self-management, advocacy for their needs, learning, practical support from community, building networks and problem-solving with professionals. There is much potential for building on these supports.

This webinar invites professionals and community members to discuss and explore some of the opportunities presented within the advent of ICS and PCN structures whilst providing practice-based examples of holistic support solutions for people with long term health conditions.