The multi-disciplinary faculty for the programme are all practising clinicians who understand the realities and challenges of the job and are keen to help with your specific learning needs. Sessions on hot clinical topics and a policy update will also ensure you are up to date with developments in the clinical world and on the NHS environment.

Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come first-served basis so don’t miss out on this opportunity to attend.

Refreshments throughout the workshop and dinner on day one are provided.

Accommodation booking details coming soon.

This workshop is part of the PCRS Respiratory Clinical Leadership programme. This rolling three year programme is open to any PCRS member and is designed to give you the tools, knowledge and skills to drive improvements for patients with respiratory diseases in your area.

Friday 08th November
12:30-13:15 Arrive and buffet lunch
1315-1345 Introduction and aims of the programme. In this session you will have an opportunity to get to know your fellow delegates so you can make the most of networking throughout the programme Clare Cook and Stephen Gaduzo
1345-1415 Hopes and fears. Working with members of the faculty who are all experienced leaders and respiratory clinicians, you will share with colleagues your hopes and fears for these two days, so that you leave feeling your time has been well spent Clare Cook and Stephen Gaduzo
1415-1515 Leadership qualities: What qualities do we admire in a leader? How might these differ to the qualities which makes us a good facilitator? Empowering others to take responsibility without the feeling of abandonment Catherine Blackaby
1515-1545 Coffee break and check in
1545-1700 Using the findings from research/audit to help structure a working group
1700-1800 How to motivate yourself and others in a working group. Reflection on the audit session and the importance of communicating the drivers to the working group. How to write an agenda for a meeting, making it meaning for different people Catherine Blackaby
1930-2000 Drinks
2000 Dinner
Saturday 09th November
0830- 0930 Being the Boss without being bossy. Improved confidence to offer support other with their work without fear of monitoring. To better understand how to share responsibly across a working group; the tools of good delegation. Facilitating a meeting to encourage engagement without it turning into chaos Catherine Blackaby
0930- 1000 Coffee break and checkout
1000- 1100 Skills workshop: Effective communication when not face to face  - Utilising Teleconference to share ideas and updates  - Emails how to avoid the pitfalls of email communication  - Communication skills - Developing action plans: ensuring that everyone is aware of what actions are needed from the meeting, who is responsible for what and by when Catherine Blackaby
1100- 1200 PCRS/Policy. Update In this session, Noel will share the latest thinking and direction of the society. It’s an opportunity to be the first to hear about opportunities available within PCRS, ways in which you can get involved in making a difference through our various expert groups and committees Noel Baxter
1200-1300 Self-care: Managing the stress of accountability. We are increasingly encouraged to be a supportive flexible leader who delivers on time, on budget and on a reduced workforce. How to do we protect ourselves to have the headspace to be a best we can be? Melissa Caravan
1300-1400 Lunch and networking
1400-1500 Group sessions Interactive table sessions on chairing a meeting Table teams
1500-1530 Reflection: revisit hopes and fears. Revisit hopes and fears from day 1 to check objectives achieved and fears avoided Clare Cook and Stephen Gaduzo
1530 Summary and close