This short workshop (60 minutes followed by an optional 30 minutes for further discussion) offers those attending an opportunity to explore and understand how to contribute to building an inclusive workplace where people are valued and respected.

Desired outcomes

By the end of the workshop attendees will:

  • Be familiar with the different barriers to inclusion (e.g. unconscious bias, microaggressions) and how these impact on people
  • Have had an opportunity to explore factors that can both hinder and support their inclusive practice
  • Have explored ways to support inclusion in the workplace
  • Have a personal action plan to support building an inclusive workplace

Intended audience

Any member of admin staff who wants to contribute to building an inclusive workplace


  • Defining inclusion- What does inclusion mean to you?
  • Barriers to inclusion
  • Way to be inclusive – applying the learning in everyday situations
  • Ongoing Support and Learning
  • Reflective space (optional 30 minutes)

The Trainer

Byron Lee

Byron Lee has a background in health and social care, community and higher education, leadership development; and has spent the past 30 years supporting individuals, teams, communities and organisations build supportive and inclusive practices, systems and cultures. His passion is
supporting individuals, teams and organisations weave together different sources of knowledge, wisdom and practice to support collaborative learning and change