Free Webinar for Practice & Line Managers working in General Practice

Join us for this FREE webinar as we discuss the day-to-day challenges faced by admin teams, and more importantly, look at what we can do to create a positive mindset around these, enabling them to view the future with positivity and confidence.

Unhappiness among staff can result in increased absenteeism, underperformance, and even resignations – posing significant costs to both you and your team. Exploring new ways to tackle this is beneficial to all!

In this webinar, we will look at:

  • Understanding why people think about leaving a role
  • What makes people feel valued and want to stay in General Practice?
  • Building stability – Pausing, Reconnecting, Recognising & Re-Grouping
  • Using the ‘Tarzan Vine’ to move forward (leaving past experiences or blockers behind)
  • Sharing a ‘Team Session’ plan that managers can use

This is a chance to step ‘off the hamster wheel’ for an hour, have a coffee, and invest some time in you and your team.