Caldicott Guardian Training

Topics covered in this training are as follows:

  • Role and Responsibilities
  • Relationship to other IG professionals in the organisation, including the Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO), Data Protection Officer
  • Information governance, clinical governance and corporate governance
  • Legal Framework, The Common Law of Confidentiality; ethics, trust and the case law, Data Protection Act 2018, General Data Protection Regulation and Network Information Systems Regulations
  • Professional responsibilities
  • Information Sharing
  • Consent
  • Case Studies

Baker Lomax Services – Stay Compliant

Baker Lomax Services is a private sector management consultancy established in May 2014. They specialise in providing managed services to help prevent and identify information governance problems before they can negatively affect organisations.

BLS has a training arm, Stay Compliant, providing bespoke and public courses across all areas concerning data protection, including SIRO and Caldicott Guardian training, as well as wider role specific training such as subject access requests and role training for information asset owners. Stay Compliant is a preferred training provider of the UK Caldicott Guardian Council.