Who is this for?

Open to all Primary Care clinicians working in General Practice who make urgent referrals for suspicious cancer

You are invited to register and attend this event towards the Network Contract DES 2024/25 PCN requirements reviewing cancer referral practice in collaboration with partners and working to improve early diagnosis

Who are the partners I will meet?

Consultants from North West Anglia Foundation Trust

14:00-14:30 Registration with cold buffet to start the afternoon !


This session will start promptly at 14:30 with 6-10 Primary Care Clinicians sitting at a table and 1-2 Consultants from each cancer speciality who will rotate across all tables for an interactive discussion allowing all clinicians who make referrals for suspected cancer to ask questions and consultants to air issues.

A bell will go every 20 minutes and the Consultants will rotate tables. There will be a facilitator making notes.

This ‘Cancer Speed Dating Masterclass’ is following on from the excellent feedback from attendees who attended the last event in 2019.  It is an exciting approach that is interactive, varied and provides a great opportunity for collaborative working across primary and secondary care to ensure Cancer Patients receive the diagnostic, treatment, and care they need, in the right place, at the right time.


We hope this will be a pleasant social event, educational and foster a better understanding of the challenges facing both primary and secondary care.  There will be no lecture presentation.

What’s in it for you?

  • You and your colleagues will have an opportunity to ask questions and discuss case studies in a less formal setting.
  • A chance to share those troublesome case studies directly with consultants

Building close working relationship between Primary Care and Secondary Care consultants

Buffet lunch & visiting stands

The event will be free, but we would like to point out that it is funded by the East of England Cancer Alliance and should people sign up to attend, and not attend then we will still be charged for food and the money wasted.