Please note

This course will be delivered via blended learning, consisting of:

– Pre-course reading (sent out two weeks before course)
– 2 day course at the Marriott Hotel, Huntingdon – Tuesday 14th and Wednesday 15th March
– Department visits
– Clinical placement with an in-house mentor
– Final assessment undertaken by Clinical Training Limited

This structured programme has the support of the Thames Valley Cervical Cytology Screening Educational Group and NHS England (Wessex), Bournemouth University and the CCGs. This accredited course runs 5-6 times a year in Thames Valley, Wessex Lincoln and Surrey.

The course is 9 months in length from the core days.

The Course:

  • Open to nurses in primary care, General Practitioners, Physicians Associates, community nurses, practice nurses, registered nursing associates, prison nurses, the armed forces, midwives and health visitors
  • All nurses are required to be working in their chosen area of work, the community, general practice or the prison service for a minimum of 8 hours per week
  • Self-directed learning e.g., library access
  • Duration – 9 months, two core days
  • Visits – 2 half days
  • Clinical placement – a minimum of 5 directly supervised sessions of clinical skills development (this may vary depending on the progress of the student) by a mentor
  • 100% attendance at study day and practical sessions are required
  • Content – A balance of theory and clinical skills


  • 85% pass is required of multi-choice exam prior to allocation to clinical placement
  • External assessor from Clinical Training Ltd will undertake a final assessment of 3 complete consultations undertaken.
  • Evidence based portfolio – all students are required to submit an evidence-based portfolio with the student’s interim and final assessment, completed competencies, reflective pieces, audit and visits (this has to be submitted to qualify).

The Process:

  1. Book your place
  2. Pre- course reading pack will be sent out 1 – 2 weeks prior to core days
  3. Core Days – these will include an exam, theory and the opportunity to have practical experience prior to their placements.
  4. In- House Mentor – every student must have a mentor to support them with the clinical aspect of the course
  5. Course leader – all students will be encouraged to use the course leader as a resource
  6. Final Assessment – This is undertaken in the students practice by Clinical Training Limited
  7. Visits – all students are required to attend department visits, cellular pathology and colposcopy

Please note that your name and email address will be shared with the supplier, so that they can send you joining instructions and any feedback surveys.