National Webinar Series for Social Prescribing Link Worker

Children and young people’s social prescribing has been gathering momentum over the last year, with many systems starting to dedicate specific provision and others wanting to develop a CYP Social prescribing offer. The pandemic has highlighted the need to support CYP, particularly those whose wellbeing has been impacted as a result. This webinar will start to explore the opportunities that CYP Social Prescribing can offer, by hearing from areas that are already delivering a specific service and also support the wider system to identify ‘the art of the possible’ for children and young people’s social prescribing.

Learning outcomes:

  • To raise awareness of children and young people social prescribing link workers
  • To share examples from those engaged in  CYP social prescribing and the link workers role
  • To generate and stimulate interest and the potential for children and young people social prescribing link workers.