Registered nurses, associate practitioners and health care assistants who have completed the 2-day Leg Ulcer Course.


  • To enable the student to acquire evidence based, up to date knowledge and skills in prevention and management of chronic oedema and associated conditions.
  • To ensure a standardised approach to chronic oedema management.

Learning Outcomes

The student will be able to:

  • To understand the function of the lymphatic and vascular system
  • To define what constitutes chronic oedema and lymphoedema.
  • Apply the principles of holistic assessment and understand doppler ABPI results to inform clinical findings to draw up a care plan and when is safe to apply reduced compression pre-doppler, using local treatment pathways
  • To understand what treatments are available in the management of chronic oedema
  • Be aware of and apply different strategies to prevent recurrence of chronic oedema including using hosiery and recognise the importance of patient aftercare.
  • Understand the benefits of Health Coaching for your patients with Chronic Oedema
  • To understand your new treatment pathways: Pre-Doppler, Post Doppler and Maintenance/ Prevention and care plan FLECS

Competence to be achieved

  • You will bring 1 patient on your current caseload to discuss with the group and develop a new treatment plan to manage their chronic oedema and any associated conditions using the new treatment pathways and FLECS care plan.
  • Discussion and workbook case studies to be completed during the time allocated on the study days.
  • Supervisors with experience and knowledge in chronic oedema to support the student in their work environment to achieve competency in assessment and management, compression practice for patients with chronic oedema.
  • Competency document to fill in and signed by supervisor and student.

Please note that your name and email address will be passed to the supplier, so that they can send you joining instructions and any feedback surveys.